We are a team of visionaries

Who Place equal value on stellar design and a rock-solid logistical plan.

We believe in creating events with SOUL— events that celebrate the human experience intentionally.

Planning a milestone event like a wedding, a shower or a launch party should have you feeling elated, empowered and focused on the meaning of the celebration rather than stressed, confused and overwhelmed by the details. In our partnership, you share your vision and make key choices—walking us through your ideal day, choosing the most delicious specialty cocktails, selecting a meaningful first dance song, sharing your ideal dessert scenario—and we manage the details to get you there—developing master plans, creating design decks, devising timelines, wrangling vendors. In short, you dream it up and we make it happen.

Looking beyond the standard, the trendy, or the tried and true, we seek fresh design inspiration and are heavily influenced by the arts, travel, interior design and architecture. We believe that events not only need to look beautiful, but also function flawlessly. With extensive hospitality and production backgrounds, we are experts in optimizing event flow and guest comfort. Our resulting events are tasteful, timeless, well-functioning environments that represent your discerning tastes, authentic personalities and distinctive brands.