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    10 Ways to Promote Intimate Wedding Safety in the Age of COVID

    The age of COVID has forced us to think carefully about how we celebrate and about intimate wedding safety. While postponing into 2021 or even 2022 is likely going to be your safest bet, there are reasons why sticking to 2020 and going to Plan B may be necessary for you. Perhaps your scheduled 2020 date carries great personal significance, maybe you want to start a family soon or you have an ailing family member and you don’t want to put it off. It’s a personal choice, but if  you do choose to move forward with an intimate, socially distanced wedding (we’re talking 10 people or less!), here are a handful of thoughtful ideas that consider your guests’ comfort and safety. And please be mindful to follow your local rules and restrictions on celebrating!

    Mask It Up

    It’s a must these days, especially at gatherings with groups. Make the most of it and choose colors and patterns in the style and aesthetic of the wedding. We have always loved Rifle Paper Co. fabric and a number of retailers are selling masks with their festive patterns. Intimate wedding safety is so crucial!

    Pretty face mask for a wedding using Rifle Paper Co. fabric.

    Image Source

    Sanitation Station

    Coordinate your sanitizer products with your wedding colors and aesthetic. It can still look stylish and on brand. We love these hand sanitizers from Touchland.

    Stylish hand sanitizer packaging from Touchland.

    Image Source


    Small, Intimate Outdoor Ceremony

    We’re always huge proponents of outdoor weddings, and what better time to get out into the fresh air! Promote that air circulation with an al fresco ceremony with your nearest and dearest. Keep the list small and safe!

    An intimate backyard wedding with a view in Sausalito, California

    Image Source with photo by The Edges.


    An intimate outdoor wedding overlooking the ocean in Santa Monica, California.

    Image by Katherine Ann Rose

    An intimate backyard wedding with a bride and groom holding hands in Nashville

    Image Source

    Group Ceremony Seating

    At that al fresco ceremony, try to group guests organically by their households rather than packing them into the traditional ceremony seating. OR even break up seating with an in the round setup.

    An intimate wedding overlooking the ocean in Ravello, Italy

    Image Source with photo by Rebecca Yale and Event Design by Amorology.

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    Stream It

    Grasp the power of technology and stream your ceremony for the bulk of your guests to watch virtually. We recently helped our couple with the smallest of ceremonies (it was just the bride and groom) and our video team streamed the ceremony on Facebook. Post-ceremony, they popped some champagne and celebrated on Zoom with their closest family.

    A bride and groom have champagne and a post-ceremony Zoom session with their friends and family.

    Images by Jana Williams.

    Individual Serving Drinks and Bites

    Post-ceremony, it is common to celebrate with cocktails and bites. Have specialty cocktails at the ready. The idea of a large communal cheese and charcuterie or crudite station seems unlikely for a while. Instead, opt for a variation which gives the same effect of an eclectic grazing station without all of the extra hands touching everything. Mini grazing boards like these are adorable, personalized and sanitary. Everyone gets pre-portioned boards to enjoy individually.

    Specialty cocktails with dried orange garnish

    Image by Katherine Ann Rose.

    Single serving cheese boards and wine

    Image Source

    Dinner Seating By Household

    Just like it’s done at restaurants, guests are given their own tables perfectly sized to the number of guests in their households. Couples get a sweet table for two. Families of 4 get larger tables. Its quite simple. From a design perspective, it always looks interesting when each table has a little variation and this is the ideal scenario to create differentiation.

    Guest seating at small tables for an intimate event.

    Image Source

    Plated Meals

    Opt for a plated meal or even individually boxed for guests. We’ll need to put a family style meal on the back burner for a while.

    A plated wedding dinner with peaches and arugula.

    Image Source

    Mini Dessert

    For dessert, serve individual mini cakelets, partly because they are individually portioned, but mostly because they are so dang adorable!

    Single serving mini lakelets are garnished with delicate lavender floral.

    Image Source

    Car Parade

    Let’s be honest. Guests who know each other well + alcohol + an alluring dance floor + a bangin’ playlist does not a socially distanced reception make. So don’t even go there. Skip the traditional dance party reception in favor of a safer, socially distanced car parade. Your friends and family can drive by, blow you air kisses and wish you well. Add a DJ to the mix to make it fun and upbeat!

    A post-wedding ceremony car parade with the bride and groom's friends and family making signs, driving by and wishing them well.

    Images by Jana Williams.

    We hope this provides a bit of inspiration as you think about planning or modifying your wedding in the age of COVID. We strongly caution you to follow your local government mandates and only celebrate if it is legal and safe to do so.


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