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    Lucky In Love Brunch Proposal Inspiration

    Today we’re talking proposal inspiration. We’ve all seen those grandiose proposals on the cliffs of mountains: the perfect amount of mist in the air, the sun setting at the optimal angle and a professional photographer positioned just beyond the perfectly constructed garland proposal arch. That’s great and beautiful to look at and stuff, but that level of “production” isn’t possible or necessary for most people just trying to keep together what they’re going to say, let alone dream up a high concept theme.

    Around here, we are always preaching the importance of doing things YOUR way. We don’t force a wedding tradition on a couple simply for the sake of doing it. It has to be intentional and resonate and feel authentic in some way. Why should a proposal be any different? We’re all for sticking to what feels comfortable and meaningful for you.


    For this sweet little brunch proposal inspiration shot beautifully by Krista Mason Photography, we took cues from many of our couples who mention their love of food and cooking together on the weekends. Is there anything sweeter than coming home from Soulcycle to be surprised by a beautiful brunch spread prepared by your beloved? The surprise of artisanal pastries, homemade quiche and organic yogurt parfaits alone are enough to make one’s Saturday morning, but serve that with a side of engagement ring and WOW…now we’re talkin’ BEST. BRUNCH. EVER!

    With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we thought a hint of good luck green could only help to increase the probability of getting an answer of YES! The simplicity of Shindig Chic’s potted plants provide a subtle, but lively backdrop for the spread. We created a collage of Tono + Co. ribbon to serve as a colorful table runner.

    Ro and Co Events Brunch Proposal Krista Mason Photography 01

    We recommend keeping the brunch spread simple by picking up ready-made pastries and quiche from your local go-to spot. After all, you’ve already got enough on your mind with asking the love of your life to marry you. These delights are from Lincoln.

    When you’re short on words, look to the Irish for the perfect way to communicate what you’re feeling. The Irish really have a way with the language of love! Dropping an engagement ring in a velvety house from The Mrs. Box adds a special touch and a pop of color. And whatever you do, don’t forget the coffee and champagne! You’ll need the caffeine pick me up from all that planning and the celebratory bubbles when your beloved says yes!


    It seems like there is a lot of pressure placed on the proposer….gotta find the perfect spot, gotta say the perfect words, gotta have the perfect ring, etc. The beauty is that, if this person you’re proposing to loves you as much as you love him or her, they’re going to say yes no matter how you do it, as long as it comes from the heart. Feeling comfortable in your own space and putting the proposee (is that a word?) in a calm headspace is a sure-fire setup for a very positive outcome. And champagne and delicious scones only sweetens the deal! For more tips on throwing a perfectly stress-free brunch, head to Krista Mason’s blog!

    Team Credits:

    Photography: Krista Mason Photography // Event Design: RO & Co. Events // Plants: Shindig Chic // Ribbon: Tono + Co.  // Calligraphy: Katie Swauger for RO & Co. Events // Place Settings: CB2 // Place Settings & Vases:Cost Plus World Market // Pastires: Lincoln // Ring Box: The Mrs Box








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