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    Top 5 Tips for Creating The Best Wedding Welcome Bag

    Guest welcome bags are one of our favorite details to curate when planning weddings and events for our clients. From the moment your guests arrive on site for the wedding weekend, it is essential for them to feel welcome, well-informed and appreciated for their investment in making the trek to celebrate with you. We carefully choose items that are functional, provide a sense of place, create a deeper connection to you and help promote your vision. From a favorite snack of the groom’s to a locally sourced coffee, each detail is intentional. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a stellar welcome bag:

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    Welcome note

    Guests have questions…a LOT of questions. To curb most of the phone calls, texts and emails you will undoubtedly receive in the days leading up to the wedding, provide them with answers to the questions they haven’t even thought to ask yet. You may already have a wedding website with all of the info they need, but include it again along with a heartfelt note to show your appreciation for your guests traveling to see you and a reminder to check back there for pertinent event details. If you prefer a physical item for guests to hold onto for the weekend, provide a comprehensive printed itinerary or booklet with details of the wedding day and ancillary events (address, timing, dress code) along with a map and a city guide to keep them busy in between events.


    Weary travelers may arrive to their hotels exhausted and dehydrated. Provide a couple of water bottles to help them recharge and get hydrated before a weekend of festivities (read: drinking). For an extra special touch, add a branded label to keep the look cohesive to your event aesthetic.

    Local Fare

    Your guests may be coming from around the globe to celebrate, and it may be their first time in your celebration city. Providing a little local flavor immerses guests in the space and the place and creates sensory memories to tie back to your special day. For a wedding in Ojai, local pixie oranges make great snacks; local Tennessee toffee is sure to please any guest’s sweet tooth; Garrett’s cheese and caramel popcorn mix is a must-have at any Chicago wedding. Do a little research into the local offerings (taste testing!) and have fun with sourcing local goodies.

    First Aid

    Guests traveling from out of town cannot bring their entire medicine cabinet with them. Provide sunscreen for laying out at the pool pre-ceremony, gum for keeping a fresh breath before meeting new friends, bandages for blisters that new dress shoes always leave behind and Alka-Seltzer after a night of “over celebrating”. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, y’all.

    A Few of Your Favorites Things

    From the bride’s favorite cookies to the groom’s favorite poolside playlist, adding a few personal details will help guests feel more connected to you and your celebration. We once had a couple create a digital cookbook of their favorite recipes to share with guests on a thumbdrive. It was such a fun and personal detail that guests could enjoy long after the celebration!

    What are some fun items you would include in your welcome bag?


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