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    Playful Destination Wedding In California Wine Country

    This playful and vibrant destination wedding in California wine country will make you say Hell Yes! Picture this: a 4-day destination getaway at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, CA, a Villa reminiscent of the couple’s Italian engagement, welcome wine popsicles, a Love Actually-style surprise recessional parade, bright pops of happy colors, a raging dance party and after party and so much more. We are so thrilled is was recently featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. See the full recap below!

    The vision

    “If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a Hell No.”

    After a long debate about the ideal location and feel for their wedding, Geáda and Bryan decided they had to love every element of their wedding or it wouldn’t make the cut. They chose to celebrate over 4 days, culminating in their wedding day at Sunstone Winery, as it reminded them of their epic vacation to Tuscany and would be a fun getaway location for their mostly east coast guests. 

    They opted for clean, modern, unexpected and experiential mixed with classic wedding elements. 

    They wanted to create a sense of presence with a playful but elevated aesthetic. The goal was to delight all the senses and create high impact moments juxtaposed with quiet elements of wonder. The color palette was a high contrast black and white with vibrant pops of pinks in multiple shades.

    The Arrival

    Guests arrived in vintage school buses with “welcome to our Hell Yes wedding” emblazoned on the side.

    A string ensemble played Disney tunes for guest arrivals, a nod to the couple’s shared love of Disney. 

    Guests were greeted with 3 flavors of wine popsicles!

    The Ceremony

    Bright floral arrangements and olive branches capped the aisles. Strong, graphic black bentwood chairs added a clean, modern touch. A cozy ceremony love seat allowed Geáda and Bryan to relax and fully take in the moment together.

    Geáda fashioned the ceremony programs into flag penants to add an element of fun and guests joyfully waved them in the air during the recessional.

    The Love Actually-esque brass band moment was a special surprise from Bryan to Geáda. The band popped up from the audience and the newlyweds and the brass band led the guests in a second-line style parade to cocktail hour.

    The Reception

    Every element was personal from the song selections to the signage wording to the inside jokes on each individual guests’s menu to the specialty cocktail named after their dog, Bullseye. It was playful, fun, rooted in tradition and 100% G and B.

    The drink menu was displayed through an old school viewmaster for a playful, nostalgic touch. 

    Rectangular feasting tables in crisp white linen with high contrasting black bentwood chairs surrounded the white dance floor. A flush of bright pink napkins as well as architectural floral centerpieces gave life to the tables. 

    A floral arch at the main reception bar became a focal element with dripping floral in a shock of bright pinks, magenta and fuchsia. 

    An installation of  bright floral hoops over the white dance floor provided a lovely contrast. 

    Geáda designed the dinner menus with a custom message to each guest.

    The newlyweds celebrated with a traditional croquembouche cake.

    The After Party

    For the after party, we handed guests LED light up roadie glasses and put them on the party bus to Hotel Corque where the dancing continued until the wee hours. Guests dressed up with neon and light-up accessories. By design, it went from classy to trashy really quickly. According to the couple, “We wanted it to feel like a junior high dance with all of our musical favorites of the time.” Mission accomplished.

    It was an unforgettable way to end an incredible wedding experience.

    Event Planning & Design 

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    Attire – Groom 

    The Black Tux



    TEAM Hair & Makeup



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    Emil’s Patisserie


    Floral Design

    Of The Flowers



    Ambient Event Design


    Music & Entertainment 

    Gemini Strings

    DJ Krieger



    Dr. John Ireland


    Paper Goods

    Desgign – Bride, Geada Ford

    Printing – Czar Press



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