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    Potluck Hospitality Conference Recap

    Did you know that the RO & Co. Events team has an established history in the hospitality industry? It’s true. From serving to bartending to event sales, we have done it all, and these experiences have made us better event planners. How do you think we work so well with our catering teams to ensure our event menu is served hot, the toasts are on time and the wine flows beautifully? It’s because we speak the language of the catering team, understand their needs and properly communicate ours. There is an education that only a service job can provide. I fully believe that everyone should spend time in some part of the service industry, whether the front of the house or the back. There is much to learn from how we interact with each other, both internally and with guests and clients. Clearly, I have a lot to say on this subject and I am so pleased to have participated in the inaugural Potluck Hospitality Conference.

    This beautifully constructed conference explored the business of social occasions and featured leading experts in the field. Education, workshops, and collaboration were at the heart of the conference and the opportunity to spend two days with like-minded professionals working towards a better service experience was invaluable. From Robert Eggers sharing his groundbreaking work at L.A. Kitchen to Casa de Perrin demonstrating how to properly set a dinner table to Jim Denevan sharing his experiences creating fleeting art (both large scale installations on wave-swept coastal beaches and communal dinners on sustainable farms) the program was nothing short of inspiring, uplifting and thought-provoking.

    My topic focused on the relationship between planners and caterers. It’s a complicated one because there is no standard way in which to work together. Each company offers a slightly different service from planner to planner and caterer to caterer. I spoke about bridging the gap through education, communication and comaraderie to create successful events together. A thought-provoking q&a session after my presentation has sparked some new ideas to build on this topic. Stay tuned for more on that soon!RoandCoEvents-PotluckHospitality-Speaker


    Photo credits: Marble Rye Photography




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