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    16 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

    We always encourage our clients to make their weddings personalized and set them apart from the pack and an area we encourage pushing the envelope is with creative wedding guest book ideas. Think past the standard book of signatures that’s not really all that fun or exciting for guests to sign, and instead focus on elements of your own personalities and interests and help to tell your story as a couple. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas that we’ve helped our clients execute and that we’ve seen out there in the world that hopefully help inspire your own creative spin on your guest book. 


    For the Adventurers

    Surfbort: Where are our SoCal couples? This is perfect for the surfing duo who want to bring a bit of the beach into their home and “pray for surf” before hitting the waves.

    Sign Our Skis: Prefer snow over sand? Vintage skis make a fun and creative guest book!


    For the Techies

    FetefoneFetefone allows guests to rent vintage telephones for guests to record a message for the couple to listen to later.

    Record a Message: Take a nod from those classic 90’s wedding videos of yore, have your guests use mini-camcorders to record messages from themselves to you. You can edit them together yourself or work with your videographer to edit them for well wishes that will last a lifetime. Another alternative, companies like speechbooth do all the work for you! Set up a gorgeous backdrop lik the one below for your guests to record a message and you’re ready to rock!


    For the World Travelers

    Sign the Globe: For the couple who loves to travel, have your guests sign a sleek globe that can be displayed in your home and can serve as inspiration next time your wanderlust kicks in.

    Watercolor Map: This one is especially cute if you have a lot of international guests! You can have them sign the  country they traveled from. This option also doubles as heartfelt, gorgeous wall art.


    For the Wordsmiths

    Dictionary: Have each of your guests circle the words they think describe you as a couple. They can leave a note in the margin explaining why. How fun for you to find your guests’ messages as you use the dictionary through the years…if you’re still into the “looking up things in books” kind of thing.

    Advice for the Newlyweds: Another great alternative to gathering signatures is to have guests write a piece of advice for the newlyweds and place them in envelopes for the bride and groom to read and look back on over the years.

    Date Night Cards: Have guests fill out a card with their favorite date ideas for you and place them in a beautiful jar. In the future, when you and your beloved are in an indecisive rut about what to do for date night, draw a card at random and let your guests decide! Send them a selfie of you on the date they came up with for you and high five each other since, once again, the “what are we going to do tonight?” dilemma has been solved.