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    16 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

    We always encourage our clients to make their weddings personalized and set them apart from the pack and an area we encourage pushing the envelope is with creative wedding guest book ideas. Think past the standard book of signatures that’s not really all that fun or exciting for guests to sign, and instead focus on elements of your own personalities and interests and help to tell your story as a couple. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas that we’ve helped our clients execute and that we’ve seen out there in the world that hopefully help inspire your own creative spin on your guest book. 


    For the Adventurers

    Surfbort: Where are our SoCal couples? This is perfect for the surfing duo who want to bring a bit of the beach into their home and “pray for surf” before hitting the waves. Here is how we used it in THIS wedding.

    Sign Our Skis: Prefer snow over sand? Vintage skis make a fun and creative guest book!


    For the Techies

    FetefoneFetefone allows guests to rent vintage telephones for guests to record a message for the couple to listen to later.