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    The Last 11 Things To Do Before You Say “I Do”

    The best day of your life can quickly turn into the busiest day of your life which is why we’ve gatthered this list of the last 11 things you should do before you say “I do.” Now a quick disclaimer, we know that weddings come in all shapes, sizes, and times of the day. Some brides might not have an entire day to implement these tips, but we HIGHLY recommend trying to find a way to create at least the essence of calm, ease and preparedness on your wedding day.


     1. Sleep Sleep Sleep.

    The most important tip actually begins the day before your wedding: get a good night of sleep! While traditionally a bachelorette party might take place the night before your wedding day, we strongly discourage taking part in any debauchery on your wedding eve. For one of the most important days of your life, you want to be fully present, not fully nursing a hangover. Sleep in as late as possible before getting ready. Trust us, everyone (bridesmaids, groom, wedding planner) will thank you for not becoming a bridezilla due to lack of sleep.


     2. Self-Care, sister!

    After getting a good night’s sleep, start your morning off with a little self-care. Set up your bridal suite to be a calm, relaxing, and comforting environment. Wash your face,  meditate, diffuse some essential oils (we recommend this blend from Saje), and take some time alone to journal how you are feeling. You’re going to be surrounded by people, emotions, and high energy until late tonight. Take some time (re: 30-45 mins) and center yourself to kick off your day on a positive, relaxing note.


     3. Be with Your People

    Spend some key moments with your parents, best friends or other important people in your life. This can happen when you are getting ready with your bridesmaids, doing a first look with your dad or having your mom help you into your dress. If you have some pre-scheduled time with your tribe and family it will fill your day with special moments for you to remember. In the hustle and bustle of the day, things can fly by so quickly, and you don’t want to feel regret about not saying _____ to ____ or forgetting to thank ______.


     4. Brunch anyone?

    The Last 10 Things You Should Do Before You Say I Do Inbal Dror Wedding Gown

    Eating is one of the biggest things brides forget about. Plan to eat a full breakfast, lunch, and have plenty of snacks available throughout the day. This can help to combat fatigue, headaches, and hangriness (which also leads to full on Bridezilla mode).


     5.  Get your Hair & Makeup Done

    Unless you are a professional hair and makeup artist, do not plan to do your own hair and makeup. You deserve a little extra pampering on your wedding day, so leave the primping to the experts.


     6. Hydrate

    We’re all about those morning mimosas, but our pro tip: for every mimosa consumed drink 1 glass of water. Hydration should be happening all week long to avoid dry skin and puffiness the day of your wedding. While we’re on the topic of bottle service, pace yourself. It can be tempting to calm nerves with a little alcohol but you WILL regret being tipsy when you walk down the aisle. Save the cocktails for the reception, girl.

    Pro tip: Arrange with your wedding planner or hotel to have water bottles, coconut water, and any other hydration stations available in your bridal suite throughout the entire day.


     7. Exchange gifts with your future hubby

    This is one of our favorite pre-ceremony traditions for our couples. If you are doing a first look, it can take place during that time or you can utilize your MOH to act as gift runner while everyone is getting ready. No matter how big or small the gifts are, the items, and the note that will likely come with it, will be a special token of this momentous day.


     8. Hand Off To Your MOH & Wedding Planner

    Pack your escape bag the night before and give it to your MOH along with any other docs/details you need. After the wedding, you’re going to be in marital bliss and the last thing you want to do is worry about forgetting something. First thing in the morning give your packed bag to your MOH and any thank you cards or other important docs to your trusted planner to transfer to the right hands. You should have no details on your brain other than enjoying yourself!


     9. Charge your phone – then put it away.

    You are going to be bombarded with messages of love, congratulations, and support all day which is the sweetest, but also incredibly time-consuming and distracting. We recommend charging your phone up and stashing it away in your packed escape bag. It’s tempting to want to keep your phone on you to try and capture moments from the day, but that’s why you hired a photographer after all! You’ve been over your shot list with your pro, so at this point your only job is to be present and enjoy your day!


    10. Practice your Vows one more time
    The Last 10 Things You Should Do Before You Say I Do Getting Ready Photos

    You’ve written from the heart exactly what you want to tell your fiancé, but running through it a couple of times before the big moment in front of EVERYONE you know will help to calm your nerves and make you feel centered and prepared. Don’t stress yourself out though, because whatever you say will be meaningful and genuine, so even if you have a little fumble in the moment, it will be sweet and memorable.


    11. Remind Yourself  Of What It’s All About

    If something doesn’t go 100% according to plan on wedding day, remind yourself that you’re going to marry the love of your life and celebrate with your most important people. Maintain that perspective and your day will be magical no matter what!




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    Max and Friends // Max and Friends // Jana Williams Photography // This Modern Romance // Max and Friends // Jana Williams Photography // Scott Clark Photo // Max and Friends // Max and Friends.










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