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    Featured Artist: Dj Art


    Music is such a crucial component of a wedding or event. It helps to set the tone, create a vibe and make people feel good. I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with our pal DJ Art to get his take on some pressing music questions we get from our clients often. Read on for the expert advice from Art!


    How did you get started with music?

    When I was 6 we had an old tonewheel organ that I’d sit at for hours at a time. I quickly learned how to emulate what I’d hear on the radio, and will never forget stumbling on to the organ riff of “96 Tears” (by Question Mark and the Mysterians). This was the moment I discovered my innate understanding of music!


    Where do you draw inspiration when compiling playlists for your clients?

    The moment! I’ve spent my life collecting music from so many situations, both incidental and accidental – in a way “arming” myself to be ready to complement any given moment. Be it a long road trip, a backyard party or a Bride & Groom’s big day – there’s fitting music to enhance any sensation. Getting to know my clients helps me set basic parameters, but ultimately, when the party is on it’s way, being totally in the moment is where the magic is at!


    What advice to you give to couples who are struggling to find their perfect first dance song?

    Take. Your. Time. No one can ever come up with THE right song when being put on the spot. Let it come to you! Watch your favorite Rom-Coms from when you first started dating, take long drives up PCH while scanning the radio. Most importantly, don’t stress too much about it! When the time comes, and you’re in each other’s arms on that dance floor, whatever song is played is merely a backdrop. Your love is the center of it all, and will create the perfect moment! (CHEESE ALERT)


    Do you recommend keeping it classic or going with what’s new and trendy when choosing a playlist or special song?

    Hmm.. Nod to the past? Or embrace the present? I say consider it all! Having an open mind will allow us as DJ’s to try different things to keep a packed dance floor. When it comes to finding a special song, I personally gravitate towards the classics, because I think it’s nice to give a nostalgic old song a new depth. My Wife and I chose “Time After Time” (Cyndi Lauper), because it already had such an amazing resonance with our childhood, and now it has a new layer of meaning to us!


    What are some of the most popular father/daughter songs?

    So many special songs out there! Amongst them: “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison, “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder, “In My Life” by The Beatles


    Great advice, Art! We also worked with Dj Art to bring you an exclusive free summer playlist for all of your summertime soirees. Click the link below to download and start your next dance party.

    RO & Co. Events with DJ Art free download summer playlist perfect dance party music


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