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    Portland Store WORK/SHOP

    Hey all, our main gal on the scene, Katie, is here to bring you a recap of her recent portland trip! From Katie:

    I always love a trip up to Portland for its lush greenery, incredible foodie spots, and its commitment to local community and products. The city feels like a hotspot for unique creations and an appreciation for all the small details. On my recent trip, I stopped by Work/Shop near the Northwest neighborhood for a little inspiration and believe me, they know what to do with all that aforementioned greenery! This little store is filled to the brim with handmade, ethically sourced, and even local Portland goods to peruse through. They also source plants and flowers from local growers. It all makes me feel a little better about gushing over all the quintessential Portland finds.



    This concrete block counter top was giving me some major inspo for outdoor vignettes or an outdoor bar.


    I’ll be seeing the potential for using these big graphic flowers in ceremony details for weeks.


    I loved these little face vases. Work/Shop frequently teaches botanical classes and have supplies on the ready for anything from terrariums, to air plants, to flowery arrangements. I love the idea of giving these vases with a plant inside for a bridal party. I’m a sucker for a cute plant & a chance to give a renewable gift!


    I had a hard time not buying every one of their cards for all of the brides/grooms/bridesmaids/friends/everyone in my life.

    Be sure to look for all the peach door Portland inspo Work/Shop has to offer on your next visit!








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