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    9 More Stylish Napkin Folding Ideas To Impress Your Guests

    We’re back with 9 More Stylish Napkin Folding Ideas to impress your guests! If you liked our first 9 napkin fold tutorials and are ready for more, look no further. We teamed up with Borrowed Blu and Krista Mason to bring you the freshest tablescapes and most innovative napkin folds. Check out some of our most fun napkin folding techniques to date. They are all sure to elevate your dining table just in time for Fall entertaining.


    Angled Single Pocket

    This simple and clean fold works well with a classic setting or a more modern one. We chose a simple white linen napkin with a high contrast black stitch border. The border is highlighted on the top and bottom of the folded napkin. This would work well with both printed and solid napkin styles.


    Furoshiki Bundle

    This is our take on a classic Japanese gift wrapping technique called Furoshiki. The elegant wrapping envelops a gift you might leave for your dining guests, or favors at a wedding. This technique allows you to keep your tablescape design aesthetic consistent and harmonious while concealing gift packaging which may otherwise clash with your overall look. Both printed and solid color napkins will work well with this style. Make sure your napkin is large enough to completely conceal the gift. This looks best with smaller bundles.


    French Fold

    This 3-step fold is one of our most stylish napkin folding ideas and is both simple and elegant and works in a huge range of styles from classic to modern. Patterned and solid linens will work well with this fold. Rest a menu or place card over this napkin fold or let it sit on the plate solo. It looks gorgeous in any setting!


    Candy Roll

    Let’s have a little fun, shall we! This style is playful and lighthearted and could work at a child’s birthday party, yet can look perfect for an elevated dinner party when paired with the right pieces. A couple of folds and then roll, roll, roll your way to a polished tablescape look. Printed, textured, solid, all napkin styles will work well with this folding technique.



    Geometric Knot

    The bottom legs will show the exposed edge of the napkin, so this is a perfect knot for those edging details. Patterns will work with this fold, although some of the folding detail might be lost. We have opted here for a solid linen with contrast edging to show the full potential of the geometric folds working together. This one is a little more complicated to achieve (I’ll be honest, it takes a few tries to get the legs to be the same length), but it’s one of our favorite stylish napkin folding ideas! I would recommend this choice for smaller dinner parties where you only need to fold a handful!


    Modern Twist

    We always love mixing up the traditional. Starting with a very simple standard 3-fold technique that is ubiquitous at events and dining tables around the world, we have given it two twists to add a bit of interest and movement at this place setting. Tuck a sprig of greenery or floral or add a place card or menu to the setting to add further interest. You really can’t go wrong. I would caution on pattern use with this setting, as the twists can make the design look a bit confused. We love how this solid color linen with texture plays with this folding style. It feels simple and contemporary.


    Fortune Cookie

    The loose resemblance to the cookie treat gives this fold its name. This style is versatile in that you can place it multiple ways on the plate. We have elected to stand it up, but it could even work laying down. I love how the little slot allows for a place card to peek out. Take your pick of fabric choices. You will only see one side of the napkin when it’s folded.


    Envelope Fold

    I just love the crisp folds of this style as well as its functionality. Naturally, when folded, it provides the perfect little home for a horizontal menu or place card or even a little guest favor (that has a flat profile). This style works well with classic and modern settings. I like to choose a napkin fabric with a bit of detail or contrast along the edge to play up the angular front fold.


    Bow Fold

    Here’s another playful option that will work with a variety of fabric styles. Starting with a very basic folding technique, the napkin comes alive when cinched in the center by your choice of materials. We opted for a raw edge ‘crepe de chine’ silk tie, but you could also use a leather cord, twine, you name it! Give this one a try at your next baby shower or birthday party.

    Be sure to check out our additional napkin fold tutorials HERE!


    Team Credits

    Concept, Design, Styling: RMBO Collective

    Photography: Krista Mason

    Tabletop Pieces: Borrowed Blu

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